Our Tradition

In the difficult post-war years, just after the end of the Occupation,  Konstantinos Hatzakos made a decision to join forces to build a dairy business. He hails from Asia Minor refugee family with long traditions and deep roots in dairy production.

The establishment of MEVGAL in 1950, a natural consequence of his family heritage, was the beginning of a huge success story. He rented a building in Koufalia, an area by and large devoted to dairy farming and known for its excellent milk. This was a wise choice, since the area is home to 67% of Greece’s total milk production, and all the farms are very close by. It is this proximity to the MEVGAL plant that ensures the swift delivery of the raw material to the dairy gates, the immediacy of processing and the unparalleled freshness of the final product. From the outset, the company was welcomed by the local community and began to develop strong bonds with a growing number of the area’s dairy farmers–many of whom still collaborate with MEVGAL today.