Our Quality

Quality forms the core around which MEVGAL operates and grows. The company consistently implements a comprehensive quality management system covering all stages of production – from the collection and processing of raw materials to the final packaging and distribution of products.

Raw materials

Under the supervision of qualified personnel, MEVGAL provides, full technical and scientific support to suppliers with whom they collaborate.
This dedicated service includes:

  • safeguarding the proper nutrition and health of livestock.
  • ensuring feeding units are suitably equipped, guaranteeing compliance with the most stringent cleaning and disinfecting regulations.
  • comprehensive training for suppliers, in order to ensure appropriate, hygienic handling of milk.

After the milking process, the milk is collected in special cooling tanks. Within a few hours, it arrives at the plant in special isothermal tankers – keeping the temperature of the milk at or below 4°C, maintaining the cooling chain.

On arrival, the milk is subjected to strict quality controls before undergoing the process of pasteurization and homogenization. Sophisticated technology is used to ensure that the milk reaching the consumer is safe, fresh and healthy, with all its essential nutrients preserved.


At MEVGAL, we have invested in the development of methods that allow us to ensure quality at all stages of production and distribution, right up until our products reach the customer's fridge.

State-of- the-art technology and stringent standards govern production at our plants, in order to safeguard the premium quality, nutritional value and freshness of all our products. We have been implementing the HACCP standard since 1996, and it is worth mentioning that in 1999, we became the first Greek dairy company to be ISO-certified in all three dairy produce categories (milk, cheese, yoghurt).

Our pledge to quality can be examined in our quality policy and is demonstrated by the following quality system standards compliance certifications:

For MEVGAL, quality means respect for customers and consumers, ensuring their health and satisfying their needs in the best possible way.